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Francisco Leal, Luis Ventura

Randomphone is an interactive installation with video projection and a sound object. Twenty-five wooden pipes compose the sound object controlled through sensors.

The apparent randomness of each person's steps and gestures in a densely populated urban matrix inspires the construction of an object that combines organic and technological materials, in a sometimes harmonious, sometimes chaotic symbiosis.

The pace of the city life and the mechanization of the behavior, in a society infected by a Techno-Virus, is represented by the constant need to move the bellows that guarantee the necessary gear for the functioning of the larger machine which will  produce what we want (to listen).

The images, guided by the sound object, take us through the memory lane. They are there, as a frame of a screen, to remind us that although we live surrounded by stimuli, we can either focus our senses or resort to memories to rescue sounds and experiences.

We can travel to the past and listen to a barrel organ, or to the future in a personal construction of Randomophonic creations.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar


Francisco Leal
Luis Ventura


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