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Francisco Oliveira, Mariana Vilanova

Imposing a work in a space implies starting a dialogue with it. The spectator is invited to observe in detail the record of previous actions at a site. A screen, in the center of this site, represents a window to the fragment that tries to fill the gap between different moments of the space, from its initial state to the present. Built from a collection of sound fragments and the gathering of textures at Mosteiro de Tibães, Hiato proposes a moment of pause in line with the Monastery that invites contemplation.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar


Francisco Oliveira
Mariana Vilanova

Francisco Oliveira, 23, is a musician and artist from Santa Maria da Feira, currently based in Porto. His practice hovers essentially over sound, the way it interacts with matter and how it occupies a space. In 2018 he published On the Act of Reminding via Edições Fauve from which he is a co-founder.

Mariana Vilanova is an artist based in Porto. The notions of space, time and perception and how they are explored through different apparatus define her research area. Recently, Mariana started developing work about the human memory, how they are formed and stored and in what way they interact with twenty-first century technologies. Both are students at the Multimedia masters program at FEUP.

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