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Dancing about architecture

Diogo Borges, João Maia e Silva, Miguel Moreno, Olívia Silva

Architecture, as a discipline for organizing space, left us with a deeply visual culture about space, operating since the tradition of the Renaissance perspective. This project proposes a reconfiguration of the experience of space starting from its acoustic dimension, from the sounds that inhabit it, thus rejecting a purely visual conception of it. The fascination with the sounds that arise from the actions of the dancers in the dance shows - the steps, the falls, the friction on the floor - shaped by the acoustic character of the room, the stage, the objects, was what gave shape to the project Dancing about Architecture. This seeks the possibility of creating a dance about architecture, through a choreography that makes us listen to the space, through the interaction of the performers with it. This is the metaphor of the project: a dance whose object is space.

In a room equipped with a system that collects the sounds of the performers and returns them to space transformed in real time, the first manifestation of the project consisted of a series of performances that were perpetuated in time and space. The present manifestation of the project lives from the memory of these first sessions. Using only the material collected in the first sessions, this installation allows the spectator to hear new compositions made with the material previously collected, in a suspension of the previous recursive logic, to become an installation that will live on from a past memory.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar

Dancing about architecture

Diogo Borges
João Maia e Silva
Miguel Moreno
Olívia Silva

Carlos Alves
Isa Araújo

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