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Untitled (Borders and Transmissions)

Adriana Matos

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

Borders and radio waves can be thought of opposing forces. While one, grounded on the nominal tracing of line on maps, from which logistic and architectural apparatus emerge, runs on the abstract construct of stable forms (timezones, currency, states) the other, devoted to action and verbal thought, flow as untamed on the gradient materiality of air.

While visible space can easily operate according to dynamics of division, delineation, restriction, and orde- ring, radio space excludes them from the outset, operating according to itinerant logics that prioritize fluctu- ations, interference caused by the environment, external disturbances, and overlaps between signals, mapping territories that are not limited to the static delineation of a border but are constantly being redrawn, trans- gressed, and reformulated.

“Untitled (Borders and Transmissions)” is an installation composed by two dialoguing objects: a diagrammatic map made up of flags containing copper coils – similar to the ones used in radios – and a real-time projection of images being encoded, transmitted and, thus, re-performed as radio signals. Upon reception, they not only translate the information that constitutes them but also incorporate the inherent modifications of the same space that allows them to propagate.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner