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Clara Santos, Emília Simão, Maria Ferreira

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

Daily life, frenetic, invites more and more to live on the surface and away from nature. We live/survive in an era of profound changes - personal, structural, climatic - in which everything seems to be superficial. This living on the surface acts as a survival raft, preventing diving and going deeper. The aim of this pieces is to provide the spectator with an immersive experience in a visual and sound ocean and transporting him to a submerged/immersed, calm, pure and uncontaminated space.  Water - a fundamental element for life on Earth - is the alpha element, in all the ambiguity that it entails: Sometimes calm, sometimes aggressive. Sometimes lucid, sometimes obscure. Sometimes clear, sometimes contaminated. On its surface, all sorts of possibilities float, as well as in its depth. The same happens to us, we are liquid like water and like it, we also freeze, evaporate, dry. Sometimes we are calm, sometimes aggressive. Sometimes lucid, other times dark. Sometimes pure, sometimes tainted. In this liquid and increasingly polluted world, we drown, emerge again, float, slide and drift, sometimes we are devoured and sometimes we are the predators. This is the nature of today's species, liquid and inconstant like water, where everything changes quickly. The basic idea of this piece is to create/represent an immersive place, combining various visual and sound stimuli, in a completely dark room, filled with white tulle screens from one wall to the other and agitated by a fan.  The spectator is invited to immerse himself in the piece, circulating among the waves/screens and creating visual effects with his own shadow. This allusion to the aquatic environment also intends to create a feeling of returning to the intimate of the first second of existence, to the initial self, to the uterine cradle. From the waters we are born and in them we find ourselves again.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

Universidade do Minho
Mestrado em Media Arts