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Deep Dive

Pedro Cunha

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

“Deep Dive” is a Virtual Reality experience where the viewer becomes a fish trapped in an aquarium; where the aim is not to escape, but to swim and see the stories that happen around them.
Developed by Pedro Cunha, a Brazilian immigrant artist, the viewer swims around an aquarium tank where they can observe and watch the fish around them, or the lives of the people (cats) who visit the aquarium. The observer chooses what to focus on, among all the stories happening at the same time, so that each experience is different depending on which stories the observer hears. 
At the same time, the player's lack of choice in how they move also reflects the themes of the characters' stories, and how several of them talk about how they have no control over their own lives.
It was made entirely in the 3d program Blender. Its running time is 12 minutes, which returns to the beginning at the end, in an infinite loop. It is presented as a single VR headset on a table and a leaflet with instructions.
A critique of the hypocrisy of the art world, it attempts to create a work that cannot be easily exhibited and sold, without reaching the ephemerality of performance.
Based on Krenak's theme "Life is not useful", the characters' stories have no meaning for the viewer, because no matter what happens, they remain trapped in their aquarium, eternally.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

Escola das Artes - Universidade Católica Portuguesa 
Licenciatura em Som e Imagem