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Artificial Traces

Daniel Martins, Diana Romero

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner

With the intent of highlighting the footprint of artificial intelligence systems and data processing centers, we question how these agents threaten the integrity of the socio ecological structure. The influence and impact of these systems, often imperceptible due to their vast scale, pose disorienting challenges such as incessant data production, e-waste, excessive energy consumption, and accelerated obsolescence of information and equipment. The overwhelming amount of content, processed at a frenetic pace, weakens our ability to process and adapt to the resulting events. 

The installation “Artificial Traces” emerges as an interpretation of the content consequently generated by artificial intelligence, providing a sensory experience that transposes its massive and uninterrupted use into the exhibition space, along with the media frenzy that surrounds it. Digital traces, such as news and text-to image systems, are collected in real-time and translated into a timeline of light and sound pulses. Within this context, the sensory tension created by the audiovisual stimulation encourages critical dialog about the duality of the benefits and drawbacks of these agents.

Edigma Semibreve Scholar winner