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Recently ensconced in the celebration of its first decade, the record label Príncipe completes during the Semibreve Festival another stage in its anniversary - which is no more no less than an opportunity to take the party indoors and share liberating happiness. An irrefusable reason, therefore, to make room for its representation with a night bearing three quite different names, showcasing the versatility of the Greater Lisbon area “armada”: Marfox, the father figure for a generation of musicians, experienced as few are in showing a vast dancing sound universe;  Xexa, at the other end of the spectrum, reveals a new lineage and new paradigms - and sounds -  for the label: lastly DJ Kolt, a prominent member of Blacksea Não Maya, known for his musical scope and irreverence, besides the utmost taste with which he crushes expectations, for those who insist on having them. At the end of the night, we will be the ones thanking the gift, wishing for many more years.


Limited access to full festival tickets owners, gnration daily tickets and to the room’s limited capacity