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Jan Jelinek


Salão Medieval da Reitoria da Universidade do Minho


Rounding up the figures a bit, the story of this century can’t be written without his name. In the last two decades, Jan Jelinek has given us essential material to perfectly conjugate most of the verbs in electronic music, under his own name and dividing into alternative nomenclatures, imaginary authors or non-existent bands. That is to say, a bunch of identities and personas who opened up his musical discourse, unflinchingly showing the world a singular creative convulsion. From micro-house to jazz, from groove to ambient, from concrete music to sound research,  Jelinek has generated a tentacular and unique discography which legitimates all the adjectives we would like to grant him. With a refined sense of listening, the German musician has known how to hear and capture the universes which surround him, incorporating them in representations of reality that constantly challenge or own convictions. It’s no wonder that this concert proposes a quadriphonic apparatus, telling us thus that he wants us to be right inside his music. We are, after all, part of it, as he has so often proved.


Limited access to full festival tickets owners and to the room’s limited capacity