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Caterina Barbieri


Theatro Circo · Main Room


Naturally we didn't know it at the time, but we realised as we accessed our Semibreve memory, that Caterina Barbieri would return to the Festival to bring us a great record and a concert from another universe, as a sort of career high, apathetic and crushing. Certainly, high expectations, however in 2018 in the Medieval Room of the university building, Barbieri unknowingly promised us that the moment would indeed arrive, and we believed, also unknowingly. And half of it is now true with the release of “Spirit Exit”, an exemplary manual of her art in electronic, where melodies hatch among labyrinthian structures of modular synths that burst our field of consciousness. We hear, and especially feel, machines with a huge heart, through which flows effervescent blood, through cables, beating with rare and complex life, with Barbieri right at the centre of the whirlpool as an entity with divine gifts, suspended, weightless. So that the prophecy of 4 years ago can be completely fulfilled, Ruben Spini and Marcel Weber (MFO) will bring images and the gates of heaven so that once again everything is imbued in the collective memory. 


access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room tickets