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Thomas Ankersmit


Salão Medieval da Reitoria da Universidade do Minho


This year, the modular synth Serge celebrates half a century since its launch. Developed by Serge Tcherepnin in 1973, it’s been since then one of the electronic instruments to better respond to the desire to make music beyond convention - by being sold without any instruction manual, the conditions were created for it to be used with total freedom and creativity. And, in fact, our history proves it, leaving a trail of total sonic luminescence in these five decades. Showing its eternal ability, here it is in the hands of Thomas Ankersmit in a project commissioned by the ISSUE Project Room for new music to be composed using only the Serge. According to the Dutch musician, he’ll attempt to breathe new life into electricity. And judging by all we’ve heard him do, there can be no doubt regarding the impact of this new project and that he is the perfect person to execute it.


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access limited to festival pass holders and to the room’s capacity