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Talk with Príncipe Discos


Museu Nogueira da Silva


Created in Lisbon in 2011, Príncipe is dedicated entirely to publishing "100% real" contemporary dance music, produced in this city, in its suburbs, social districts and ghettos, giving life to new sounds, forms and structures with its own code of poetics and cultural identity. With four dozen record titles in its catalog, in 2022 it celebrates its tenth anniversary of activity. With this anniversary in mind, Semibreve will host a conversation, led by journalist and broadcaster Rui Miguel Abreu, between one of its co-founders, José Moura, and two generations of artists, the unmissable DJ Marfox and Xexa, one of the artists of the new generation.

José Moura is a DJ, editor, programmer, co-founder of Príncipe Discos and Holuzam, and founder of Marte instantânea. 

Marfox is a true urban, suburban and Lisbon ghetto legend. He was one of the builders of Príncipe and remains one of its brightest ambassadors. His unparalleled vision of baroque and rhythmically expansive techno, imbued with Garage, Bass and Beat, has captivated audiences and critics with titles on record labels such as Boomkat Records, Enchufada, Lit City Trax and Warp Records.

Xexa is an Afro-Portuguese woman living in London, where she is pursuing studies in Music and Sound. A new aesthetic voice in new networks of affiliation, cooperation and solidarity, with a promising future ahead of her.

Rui Miguel Abreu has been a journalist for 25 years and currently writes for Blitz magazine, where he has worked for more than a decade. Works in radio on Antena 3 and RDP Africa and is the founder of the Rimas e Batidas website. In addition, he has a long curriculum in the area of record editing and the production of musical events.

Rui Miguel Abreu

Free access, limited to the room’s capacity