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Patch Point Synthesizer Lounge




The Patch Point Synthesizer Lounge comes to you at Semibreve Festival and can be visited to consciously or unconsciously play, explore, lounge and listen to our esoteric synthesizer creations, jam with other guests, and enjoy hands-on lucid dreaming and sonic transcending. Patch Point will bring an array of these instruments including a Cocoquantus, a Plumbutter drum and drama machine, a Sidrax Organ where you touch the wood to control the sound, a Deerhorn organ that uses gestures like theremin to activate sound, along with solar powered touch synthesizers, a Serge Modular System, Gieskes Electro-Acoustic Eurorack Modules, Bugbrand sound devices, and some eKalimbas.

Patch Point is a synthesizer store and studio focused on new types of electronic music instruments. Since 2016 Patch Point has existed in Berlin, and from 2022 in Lisboa. Their studios are always free, and anyone can apply for a residency. In them, you can find Vintage Serge Modular, Bugbrand, and early unique creations of Ciat-Lonbarde Instruments. Patch Point instruments mostly interact with gesture and touch, having a reaction to your action, which makes them playable in an intuitive way. They use locally sourced woods to encase their instruments in a unique method joining together hardwoods and softwoods. Beyond the realms of normal storedom, Patch Point produces most all of them instruments by hand and in house in Berlin and Lisbon. From design to the final production, the instruments are created entirely in house.


Free access, limited to the room’s capacity