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First sound and picture, with a trip from Congo to Belgium to finish a degree in Arts. Then London, where a master’s in Psychosocial studies for the cultural field awaited her, connected with the issues of diaspora and ethnicity. These two paths inevitably crossed when she assumed the English capital as her own, letting herself be infected by London's cultural effervescence, busying her nights with music and activism. In 2015, she co-founded NON Worldwide, a group of artists that was a label that was a social movement: deep down, sound as a super-power to raise consciences and repair traumas. It’s from this point of impassivity that Nkisi’s music is born, brought on by the rhythms of Africa but chewed up by machines, as if in a relentless and anxious race towards utopia. And once again, dance as a fundamental need for a transcendental escape, and why not, to improve the reality of all of those who are displaced.



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