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Maxwell Sterling + Stephen McLaughlin


Theatro Circo · Main Room


With only three releases — “Hollywood Mediaeval”, “Laced With Rumour” and “Turn Of Phrase” — Maxwell Sterling has become one of the most imaginative and surprising composers of recent times. His musical ideas narrate precisely the confused and ambivalent days, distracted between the digital and the analogue, in ultra-high definition and with a provocative audio design. Sterling has a vertiginous and virtuous look on reality and a passion for the genealogy of error, exuding tension on small sound objects, giving them a fractal body and a splendorous orchestrated fiction. While Sterling promises to revisit his body of work inspiring in the atmosphere and architect of the centenary room of Theatro Circo, on screen Stephen McLaughlin translates the feverish sonic convulsion in a parade of unbridled images and themes, challenging the anachronic and romanticising a potential end for this era.


access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room tickets