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Malcolm Pardon


Capela Imaculada do Seminário Menor


We know Malcom Pardon especially for his role in Roll The Dice, a duo he has with Peder Mannerfelt and which shook and grew the second decade of this century with some of the most engaging synth music. And if at one point we observed Peder pursuing a solo career filled with sparkling and fuzzy electronic music, Malcolm gifts us with contemplation and withdrawal, helping us along the way to better understand the influence of each musician within the Roll The Dice unit. In fact, as we listen to Pardon’s solo début with “Hello Death”, filled with the warmth of strange familiarity. After the presence of Roll the Dice and Peder Mannerfelt in the Semibreve festival, in 2014 and 2015, respectively, it is a privilege to host the world live debut of “Hello Death”.


Free access, limited to the room’s capacity