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Loraine James




In 2023, Loraine James returns to 2003. On her third record for Hyperdub, “Gentle Confrontation" is the work that the author would have liked to make exactly 20 years ago, as a teenager, when the posters in her room belonged to Indietronic, like Telefon Tel Aviv or Dntel. But Loraine travels through time to discover herself, to resolve familial, personal, and intimate memories, giving thanks for the present which she now has. There is a sense of peace and gift that constructs happy atmospheres and songs, but her electronica is still sharp and creative, pointing towards tomorrow, where rhythm is always the ruling constitution. However, there are other dimensions, other parallel axes which distort time and space, like benign accidents. In the studio, Loraine was visited by illustrious guests — Marina Herlop, keiyaA, RiTchie or Morgan Simpson of Black Midi —, but live her confrontation looks us in the eye, knowing that it’s necessary to unwrap her stories for an audience who needs to feel the shockwaves and dance.



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