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Kali Malone


Theatro Circo


In 2012, at only 18, Kali Malone moved from the United States to Sweden where, in Stockholm, she entered the renowned Royal College of Music to study electroacoustic composition. In 2019, three years after starting to release her music, “The Sacrificial Code” put her name in lights as she recorded an extensive repertoire for tube organ. From composition to the recording process, Kali Maline beautifully exposed the degree of detail placed upon her art, listening to the smallest detail, eschewing the superfluous, and making us focus on the essential, the acoustic purity, as if we were part of the instrument, of the music sheet or the physicality of the sound. After all this time, we know very well that each of Malone’s works is guided by this commitment to honour, summoning us to be part of a whole, in a sharing of a collective listening, ceremonial and ritualistic. Let us then enter this circle of absolute ecstasy.