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Jana Rush




Footwork has speed inscribed in its defining matrix. Jana Rush, a fundamental element in the genre 's active construction in Chicago, producing and as a DJ, knows this fully well - as she says she learnt the business at 1o years old! - and even in moments of breaks and deceleration understands that speed is everything, as inescapable as gravity, living up to her surname in a surge of poetic justice. Even though she caused a startled grimace when she announced that “Painful Enlightenment" would not be a footwork record, her 2021 album in no moment manages to hide its lineage and heritage, revealing however new possibilities: a lot of jazz, lost threads of hip hop, loose memories of house, some sex, screams and watchwords as if in a battle. In this case, it was her own, against depression, from which she emerged victorious. Speed being restrained on the record, do not expect _Jana Rush to give us any quarter live.


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