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Gábor Lázár




When he heeded the call of music at 14, Gábor Lázár realised what his life would be like. He didn't hesitate, and above all didn't wait: he brought together the usual lack of money of a teenager with the taste for computers and literally began programming his future. The monogamous relationship with compassion, in detriment to instruments and traditional training, made him persevere in the research of sound as a physical phenomenon, its impact on our perception and inevitably, the potential to manipulate us. And nothing became more captivating than working in the context of electronic dance music. It is in that shielded space that Gábor Lázár’s compositions of light and sound act without a sliver of mercy: rhythms of challenging geometry; beats that graze techno, footwork and Mark Fell; patterns and textures of a synthetic bent; it all makes our body dance and our mind quiver. We are mice in a lab, happy to perform our tasks.


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