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Ben Vida & Lea Bertucci


Theatro Circo · Small Auditorium


The album “Murmurations” by Lea Bertucci and Ben Vida echoes a blessed and bountiful discographic trajectory. However, and to our surprise, we are listening to the début by a duo which dialogues in perfect collaboration, in unison and in full understanding. Bertucci hands Vida a compendium of small elemental particles like a wind which blows good news: clarinet and saxophone, words, moans and whispers, parasitical noises that fill the space where there is (still) no sound. It’s a collection in negative, with interstitial inhabitants, which in Vida’s electroacoustic dark chamber gains a three dimensional splendour, and touché!, is now sound matter for a new dialogue with Bertucci’s other murmurs, closing a vital circumference where the first rule is to hear the other, to be able to say something in turn.


access limited to festival pass