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Alva Noto


Theatro Circo · Main Room


A project initiated 15 years ago with “Unitxt” and three years later continued with “Univrs”; we have recently listened to the closing of the trilogy with “Unieqav”. (For those following closely the three releases, you can now place the album covers side by side, to observe how it all fits together). At the root of the series we find Carsten Nicolai at the Uni club, in Tokyo, where before an environment prepared for dancing, the German artist had to reconfigure his music to satisfy an audience unprepared for some of the orthogonality of his compositions. Perhaps for that reason, all the volumes show an expanded rhythmic accessibility, almost universal, where experimentation and the laws of mathematics inhabit a seductive body of techno symptomatology. And yet, “Unieqav” is, as stated by Nicolai, “a dive into the deep”, meaning to reveal to us, in this way, the boundless amplitude of his music, his intentions and of course, his results.


access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room tickets