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Tujiko Noriko + Joji Koyama


Theatro Circo


Whether solo or in collaborations, Tujiko Noriko’s long discography in the past two decades has given us a set of very special pop works, made of fractal songs plunged in a sea of digital mistakes and pacifying atmospheres, staking in the territory of indie electronica a unique and recognisable style. In 2019, with the film “Kuro”, her début as director realises a long love and relationship with cinema, but especially reformulates and expands her music towards hyper fluid worlds. This year, her fabulous double album “Crépuscule I & II” seems to solidify this path, thought for pictures, suggesting narratives and psychological spaces, made of whispers and peaceful atmospheres. It’s at this summit point in her career that she accepts the challenge issued by the Semibreve festival to build an audio-visual object, inviting Joji Koyama, the co-director of “Kuro”, to join her on stage.