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Talk with Stephen O’Malley, François J. Bonnet




Individually, in duo or integrated in various collectives, François J. Bonnet and Stephen O'Malley have been at the genesis of some of the most interesting thoughts, editions and music compositions of our days. François, as Kassel Jaeger or director of the historic INA-GRM institute, Stephen with the unmissable SUNN O))), solo or in multiple collaborations with musicians, choreographers and ensembles. It is based on this rich practice and on the duo concert they will present at Semibreve that François J. Bonnet and Stephen O'Malley will participate in a conversation moderated by Bartolomé Sanson, co-responsible for another of today's most relevant publishing houses, Shelter Press.


François J. Bonnet is a Franco-Swiss composer, writer and theoretician based in Paris. He’s been a member of INA GRM since 2007 and became its director in 2018. He has published several books and is the co-editor of the SPECTRES book series (Shelter Press) and the Recollection GRM and Portraits GRM record series (Editions Mego). He also produces radio shows for national radio France Musique. His music, often presented as Kassel Jaeger, has been played in renowned venues and festivals all over the world.

Stephen O’Malley is a guitarist, producer, composer, and visual artist who has conceptualized and participated in numerous drone and experimental music groups for over two decades – SUNN O))), KTL, and Khanate being among his best-known projects. Wildly prolific, O’Malley’s oeuvre is defined by its remarkable breadth, complexity and multidisciplinary interests. It includes collaborations with a wide range of experimental musicians and composers.

Bartolomé Sanson is a French publisher and designer. He runs the editorial house and curatorial platform Shelter Press along with Félicia Atkinson.

Bartolomé Sanson

Free access, limited to the room’s capacity