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Legend tells us that Jack Adams’s career began at the moment when a Diplo remix for Black Lips convinced him to suggest an extra layer of grime that he produced. Such boldness was surely fruit of his love for the underground irreverence of the genre, and not least from the experience in producing events in and around Sussex. The rest of his biography explained little detours - as well as exits and entries into the scene - which conveniently illustrate the faithful love Jack Adams, as Mumdance, has for music. But with each pause, Mumdance returns with renewed energy. After a three-year hiatus, here he is in 2022 returning to the highest levels. With him, a whole arsenal close to his heart, that is drum & bass, techno or hardcore, and the advanced musical knowledge which makes him unique when he takes over a stage and asks us to dance.


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access limited to festival pass holders, gnration daily ticket and to the room’s capacit