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François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley


Theatro Circo · Main Room


Released before the pandemic marked and ascribed our time, “Cylene” seems apt to portray those days of expectation as if it were a work of lancinated silence. There is a chaos lurking around the calm, without ever being clear regarding its intentions, leaving it up to us and our emotions to find a passage through the half-light. On one hand we are pushed by O’Malley’s electric strikes, on the other we are rendered motionless as we listen to the sound sculptures chiseled with super-precision by Bonnet. Or, to put it obliquely, a portion of the Sunn O))) apocalypse, tamed by the pristine analogue electronic of Kassel Jaeger. It’s a confrontation which adds but also subtracts, in amonutment to erudition, clairvoyance and restraint. Because, even through they are premiering as a duo with “Cylene”, François J. Bonnet and Stephen O’Malley weren’t exactly strangers, neither did they share a blank worksheet. Their brotherhood is known and celebrated for, above all, being linked to two labels created under the now defunct Editions Mego (and now under operation of the equally excellent Shelter Press) to continue the old and new work of the legendary GRM from Paris.


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