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David Maranha


Theatro Circo · Small Auditorium


A transversal name for new music in Portugal since the late 80s, David Maranha has left an impressive legacy of solo work and vigorous collaborations, besides his participation in the long-lived Osso Exótico, in which he was a founder. From a language that owes a debt to American radical minimalism, from which we could pick Tony Conrad ou Phill Niblock — whom he worked with —, the Lisbon musician has woven several aesthetics that start from the exercise of repetition to reach a sonic enchantment. A multi-instrumentalist, it’s common to associate him with the violin, but it’s on the organ that he has left a lasting distinctive mark, creating circular phrasings which are superimposed and reread/remade against the context, solo or in a collective, in compositions or in improvisation. The owner of a particular and careful aesthetic vision that often defines his shows, David Maranha tints his pieces with subtle light play, manipulating the chiaroscuro as a dramatic intent that distends and reinforces the auditory experience. 


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