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Beatrice Dillon




After almost a decade of constant activity, disquieting her audience through small, detailed pieces around a sharp listening of sound, or as DJ in sessions disguised as concerts (or vice-versa), Beatrice Dillon finally released her début album in 202, through PAN. It was a moment of planetary affirmation, as only a released work can still be. Carried aloft since then by critics and audience alike, she deserves all the attention one can give to someone who seems to listen further afield, rebuilding the edifice of rhythm in general and techno in particular, from top to bottom, with the perspective of a scientist who seeks to understand the world. On her table of interests, the whole of music, ready to be dissected. And not by chance, her following record was an apparently prosaic album of 50 lock grooves which showed, piece by piece, the inspiration and fuel for her compositions, bearing naked her process while she dazzled us with her microscopic labour.


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