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Anja Lauvdal


Capela Imaculada do Seminário Menor


After two decades being the protagonist of other voices, as a part of several jazz and indie pop/rock bands in the Norwegian scene, Anja Lauvdal decided in late 2019 to start writing the pages of her own book, revealing to the world the music that echoes from her first name. Released two years later, in October 2022, “From a Story Now Lost” was a début album that surprised by distancing itself from the music in her previous jobs, creating a beautiful work of ambient auras born out of piano and keyboard improvisations. Made as a dialogue with Laurel Halo, who produced and guided the record with the luxury of slowness afforded by the pandemic, her compositions were born from the juxtaposition of ideas and rich and varied sonic spheres. The result is an unforeseeable (multi)dimension which pushes us into vast spaces, both physical and mental, bathing our souls as if in an act of purification and delight. There was a lot of music inside this Norwegian, to which we finally have the pleasure of listening.


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