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Auditório S.Frutuoso


There is a grand space in Nexcyia’s music that appears to recognise the world he carries. They are mense sounds, loaded with atmospheres, condensing stories and places. Like Adam Dove, his real name, and his roots, from now and from other times, in three continents: a North American afro-descendant who crossed the Atlantic to move between France and England, having plunged into the study of the arts in London, with a master’s and a degree in contemporary art and sound arts. Having worked in sculpture, painting, or impactful installations, Nexcyia has reflected on the condition of change in the black community. It’s onto the great canvas of his ambient compositions, although abstract, that all his disquiet is exposed, revealing powerful and confrontational music, but also comforting, operating at an unconscious level. His artistic name does not hide the influence of Drexciya, and despise different languages, here we can also find an alternate path through this universe for common narratives.


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