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Maya Shenfeld + Pedro Maia


Theatro Circo


Maybe there is nothing new under the sun, like the scriptures say, but at the same time, in our insignificant scale, everything seems to crumble in super slow motion - climate change and other civilizational crises show us an era which is complicated to solve.  Maya Shenfeld feels these matters and urges on her skin, but on stage we see Pedro Maia’s hypnotic images, collected in the deep quarries of Vila Viçosa, symbolising the apparent impassiveness of the planet regarding our turbulent lives. It is when placed before the sanguine textures of the Alentejo marbles that we understand the two cycles of this, and other unattainable worlds - some perishable, some symbolically eternal. Synths, brass, voices, and field recordings compose Maya Shenfeld’s soundtrack for a show made up of radiant landscapes, dramatic scenery, and impossible textures. Music and pictures that throw us into the bowls of our planet, where we see and hear its heart beating.


Maya Shenfeld - official website 

Pedro Maia - official website

Presented in the context of Re-Imagine Europe | New Perspectives for Action, co-funded by the European Union

A co-production with Next - Advanced Music Festival 2023