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Inês Malheiro


Auditório S. Frutuoso


In the beginning there is the voice. It’s from this weapon of the soul that Inês Malheiro touches us, like a breath of proof of life. But, that which for many would be a golden instrument, untouchable and immaculate, in her vocal chords is a living and plastic wind, a matter which is spat into the air to be stretched, reconfigured or (heresy!), ruined, to be made a part of something bigger. From jazz she has brought her voice’s spontaneity, from experimentalism the notion of limits and how to go beyond them, and from peripheral music the clear knowledge of how it all can make sense when there is a plan to create form. But it’s a plan that not only accommodates error, but also attracts its unpredictable action, forcing Inês Malheiro to observe her creations from the outside and react to them. Ultimately, her voice is like a calling, to herself as well and most of all.



access limited to festival pass and daily tickets holders, and to the room’s capacity