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Félicia Atkinson + Violeta Azevedo


Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte


As Félicia Atkinson’s discography advances, it becomes harder to describe it. Her music seems to receive the entire world within it, to process it inside a blanket of narrative ambient reduction, as if a documentary if or days in a capsule of this time, which returns to us the pulse of an epoch, of a generation, of a certain status quo. Perhaps it’s for that reason that Félicia Atkinson runs, with Bartolomé Sanson, the prestigious and vital Shelter Press according to the same principles, as a - further! -  model of dwelling where she shelters another world, with other artists and contemporary artistic sensibilities. In the midst of this generosity and openness, it doesn't feel strange that Atkinson has accepted a commission by the Semibreve Festival - in a partnership with the Maintenant Festival, in Rennes — to collaborate with Violeta Azevedo, a sagacious and inventive flautist who has been carving substantial inroads in the most adventurous music made in Portugal. We foresee a lovely moment of communication, sharing and above all unconditional acceptance.


Access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room tickets