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Clarice Jensen


Basílica do Bom Jesus


Before arriving at Clarice Jensen’s valuable music, there is an infinite galaxy to be opened around collaborations with Jóhann Jóhannsson or Max Richter, features on Taylor Swift or Björk albums, concerts alongside Bitchin Bajas or Marissa Nadler, soundtracks for TV and cinema, as other merit-filled occupations. It is from this immense cauldron of tasks, interests, and inspirations that we have deduced part of the explanation for the richness of her composition work. Throughout the last 10 years, Jensen has exposed her value through a trail made of essential records for those who dare go through the looking glass of North American minimalism, from the neoclassical current or contemporary musical writing. “Esthesis”, her most recent work, clearly illustrates this desire for adventure by suggesting emotions connected with the grapheme-colour synaesthesia, that is, when sounds create associations with colours, shapes, or movement. Put in another way, a possible path to connect with the sublime.


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