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Oliver Coates

Commissioned Filmed Performances

Oliver Coates works as a composer, perfomer and producer. From touring with Thom Yorke across Europe and the US to creating the soundtrack to Marianna Simnett's short film The Bird Game, Coates has explored drone and drone metal techniques and has developed a new “slime” improvisation method with a viscous and melting approach to live sound, through digital loopers, distortion and chorus. His ongoing work as soundtrack composer involves translucent and hushed layers of strings and melodic hooks embedded in electronic scores.

A wide scope in his interpretation of classical and contemporary notated music brought him to prominence in the 2000s. He has been a principal cellist for Aurora Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Britten Sinfonia and London Contemporary Orchestra. Away from public concert life he developed a language in electronic music through sequencing various forms of dance music, with wide divergences in style and methodology. He has collaborated with Mica Levi, Dean Blunt, Jonny Greenwood, Malibu and more.



Commissioned Filmed Performances

00:30 Reunification 2018
06:15 Butoh baby
09:33 Prairie (feat Malibu)
12:05 Caregiver part 2 (4am)

Filmed at: Mosteiro de Tibães 
Directed and Edited by: Canal180
Shot by: Bauti Godoy and Joana Ferreira
Sound Recorded by: Duarte Ferreira
Produced by: Canal180

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