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Klara Lewis

Commissioned Filmed Performances

Klara Lewis is a critically acclaimed sound sculptress who has been presenting her audio-visual shows in clubs and art galleries around the world for the past five years, and has been selected as a highlight of such festivals as Atonal, Mutek, Sonar and Semibreve. Lewis builds her work from heavily manipulated samples and field recordings creating a unique combination of the organic and digital. With her signature sound-recycling technique Lewis collects material from our world and creates something entirely new.

Following 2018's acclaimed collaboration with Simon Fisher Turner, Lewis returns with her third solo album, "Ingrid", an emotional and physical long-form composition that builds from a meditative cello loop into a beautiful and violent catharsis. In 2016 Lewis created a commissioned sound installation for Uppsala Art Museums permanent collection. Her music was used, alongside Stravinsky and Schubert, in “En Masse” (2018), a show by celebrated Australian contemporary circus group Circa which received rave reviews in The Wall Street Journal after its New York residency at The Lincoln Centre (2019). Lewis is currently studying a master’s degree in Psychology.




Commissioned Filmed Performances


Filmed at: Mosteiro de Tibães
Directed and Edited by: Joana Ferreira
Shot by: Joana Ferreira and João Brojo
Sound Recorded by: Duarte Ferreira
Sound Mixed by: Klara Lewis
Produced by: Canal180

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