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Tyondai Braxton

4 Zones (8’12’')

In “4 zones”, starting from its title, a notion of sound geography is explicit as a hypothesis for a detailed map for Tyondai Braxton’s composition. Four different zones forcibly suggest  a crossing between them, a journey with interchanges and border controls. Let us then enter, in zone 1, from darkness to an orchestral nebula which dissipates and showing its glow as if a body addled by lethargy were being revitalized by the power of the light. An entry zone, an invitation to delight, as if a garden which receives its first rays of sunshine. It is breathing, but we also hear a heartbeat and some electronic particles that make up a scenario which emulates nature: this is day, and life being born in a new world. But curiosity pushes us outward, and shortly thereafter, greeted by a silent zone 2, a methodical and machine-like music sheet builds a delicate reality as we glimpse it. All is synthetic, but reminiscent of a concrete cosmos that suggests the shapes of sounds. In the third zone, there are heavy and irregular movements, the growing conviction that there is a mystery that circulates but eludes us. The sonic matter shows us the vastness of the space we occupy and delivers us vague coordinates as to how we can exit it. But it’s only through a leap that we can see the exit, as if we had navigated a river which bottlenecks before it dives into a dizzying waterfall. At that moment of falling, everything happens at an accelerated speed, following a delirious path through unstable atoms where collisions reveal that if we accept that this is the end, if we accept that the day might not start anew, that the light might not reappear to restart nature. Like a natural cycle, “4 zones” presents us with a beguiling way between phenomena.

by Pedro Santos

Commissioned Sound Pieces

Tyondai Adaien Braxton (born October 26, 1978) is an American composer and electronic musician. He has been writing and performing music under his own name and collaboratively, under various group titles, since the mid 1990’s. His music incorporates electronic and modern orchestral elements, ranging from solo pieces to large-scale symphonic works.
The former front man of experimental rock band Battles, Braxton has since focused on his own work, including his critically acclaimed album Central Market– which has been performed by world-renowned orchestras such as London Sinfonietta, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. 
He has been commissioned to write pieces for ensembles such as The Bang on a Can All Stars, Kronos Quartet, Alarm Will Sound, and Brooklyn Rider. In 2012, Braxton collaborated with legendary composer Philip Glass – performing as a duo for the festival series All Tomorrow’s Parties, as well as remixing Glass’ work for the REWORK remix album. 

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