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Post-Pandemic Performative Logic


Pedro Santos

Current music programmer at Culturgest, he was connected, in the same functions, to Teatro Maria Matos between 2009 and 2017. Previously, he did programming for the Atlântico festivals da Zé Dos Bois in 1999, Number in 2001 and MadeiraDig in 2004. He was connected since the early 90's to record stores, first at Ananana, then with Flur, which he co-founded. As a sound artist, with the project Major Eléctrico, he co-created radio programs, music for dance shows, writing and music criticism, having performed live in Portugal, Spain, France, England, among other countries.


Alain Mongeau

Alain Mongeau is the founder and Director of MUTEK. A Doctor of Communications, Alain directed ISEA95 Montréal the sixth International Symposium of Electronic Arts as well as ISEA’s head office from 1996 to 2000. He was also in charge of the New Media division of the Montréal International Festival of New Cinema from 1997 to 2001. In 2000 he launched MUTEK a Montréal based organization dedicated to the exploration and promotion of digital creativity and electronic music. Its central platform is its annual festival in Montréal which has become an essential North American reference point for international artists industry professionals and diverse audiences. MUTEK also maintains activities around the world including annual events in Mexico City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.


Nik Void

Nik Colk Void is an experimental electronic artist who is best known as one half of DFA signings Factory Floor, as one-third of Carter Tutti Void alongside Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Chris & Cosey) and one part NPVR with Peter Rehberg (Pita) founder of Edition Mega records.

Void’s interests lie in the development of unconventional encounters with her tool of choice - be it voice, guitar or modular synth - engaging in a new language using extended techniques and cut up sampling. Her execution of sound, united with her “demystification” approach unleashes apragmatic imbalance allowing the creation of space for ‘mistakes’ paired with aleatoric composition. As a result, she blurs the lines of techno, ambient, avant-garde and noise into a new form.

During her live performances the improvisational nature of both Factory Floor, Carter Tutti Void and her recent project with Peter Rehberg NPVR gives Nik Void the perfect platform to practice her challenging approach, delivering transformative interpretations of her studio recordings and not recreations.




Pedro Santos (Culturgest)
Alain Mongeau (MUTEK)
Nik Void

Moderator: Gonçalo Frota

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