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Ana da Silva

Abrigo (12’59’')

Tension. Or pressure, effort, constriction, anxiety and disquiet. But equally, voltage. We can choose any of the synonyms to lightly touch the feeling that Ana da Silva’s provides. However, we can also hear the piece with its title. “Abrigo” is, therefore, a sort of protection for the danger it instigates, like a cure which inhabits its own venom. There is a menacing sky, charged with electricity, that makes “Abrigo” awaken, as if Ana da Silva connected, wire by wire, all the circuitry that feeds her composition. It is the machine that starts up, an energetic language  that creates its lexicon in real time. This voluntary parasitization, as electric riffs that might have been imported from other lives, becomes structural, placing us in a state of alertness that never leaves us, until the end. The introduction of a rhythm, metronomic and proto military, only highlights and amplifies the crescendo to which the adrenaline subjects us.
Tension. But perhaps it is also about its liberation, like an escape in an ancestral ritual that electrifies body and mind, a shamanic dance that sucks the venom to then spit it out. Tension, but similar to a manual for the exercise of freedom, for the perfect fugue. Or, as in the sole word of Ana da Silva, a shelter.

by Pedro Santos

Commissioned Sound Pieces

Ana da Silva is a founding member and songwriter of the pioneering post-punk band The Raincoats. Across four daring full-length records, The Raincoats helped shape the timeless notion that punk is what you make it to be an act of raw expression, not any one sound. The Raincoats have offered creative and spiritual inspiration for several generations of artists, cited as a formative influence by Kurt Cobain, Carrie Brownstein, Bikini Kill, and Sex Pistols’ John Lydon. They set a crucial precedent for feminist work within a DIY punk context, marked all the while by Ana’s poetic lyrical style and innovative noise guitar playing.

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