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Edigma Semibreve Award


German artists Merani Schilcher and Vinzenz Aubry won this year’s edition with “Unknown Territories – Searching for Islands”, an interactive installation that compares islands with sand shaped by the user hands, matching the outlines of the given body in real time with 75,000 satellite images of islands all over the planet.

Semibreve Award is sponsored by EDIGMA, a Portuguese company leader in the development of interactive experiences, multi-touch technology and digital signage projects.

The work will be exhibited during the 10th edition of the festival, which this year will take place in a 17th century monastery and through the festival's website

Edigma Semibreve Award winners

Merani Schilcher & Vinzenz Aubry — 2020
Andreas Lutz — 2019
Elias Merino e Tadej Droljc — 2018
Adam Basanta & Gil Delindro  — 2017
Junya Oikawa — 2016

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