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Semibreve is a exploratory electronic music and digital art festival taking place in Braga, Portugal. Since 2011 Semibreve has consistently presented a forward-thinking programme featuring some of the most revered electronic music and cross-disciplinary work by artists from around the world, as well as maintaining an active role in the promotion of the digital arts in Portugal.

Semibreve prides itself on curating a carefully-considered programme that is challenging and accessible. Semibreve’s emphasis on its stunning site-specific locations and world-class venues, together with a shared ethos centred around inclusiveness and community, by promoting a diverse programme at an affordable ticket price, has brought about sold-out events and well-deserved international acclaim.

Semibreve 2021 Festival Pass

Festival pass holders are able to transfer their Semibreve 2020 tickets to the 2021 edition or request a reimbursement. If interested in using your current festival pass for the 2021 edition you just need to keep it. We will consider it valid. If you prefer to be reimbursed please head to and login with the info you used to purchase your pass. After clicking on your Semibreve 2020 Festival Pass you’ll see a refund option, which will activate the refund.* 
In the event that real-time physical events are allowed once again, festival pass holders for the 2020 edition will have guaranteed access to the 2021 edition.


* super early bird pass owners interested in the refund please contact us via