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Talk with Flora Yin-Wong and Rui Miguel Abreu

05.11 — 20:00


The commissioning of new works has been a trademark of Semibreve festival throughout its short history, which has been particularly intensified in recent years. The 2021 edition has seven new commissions, to be presented at Semibreve as world premieres. Through a series of three talks, Semibreve includes in its program a discussion about the processes underlying three of these new works. The remote collaboration between Yvette Janine Jackson and Judith Hamann, as well as the development of a durational piece by Flora Yin-Wong will be the focus of dedicated sessions moderated by Portuguese journalist Rui Miguel Abreu. Artist and researcher Heitor Alvelos will discuss the collaboration process between Rabih Beaini and harpists Angélica Salvi and Eleonor Picas.

Flora Yin Wong is an experimental sound artist and writer from London, UK. Her work incorporates location-based field recordings and traditional early instruments such as singing bowls, yangqin and kemence, with electronic processing and software, as well as text-based storytelling and abstraction. 

Rui Miguel Abreu has been a journalist for 25 years and currently writes for Blitz magazine, where he has worked for more than a decade. Works in radio on Antena 3 and RDP Africa and is the founder of the Rimas e Batidas website. In addition, he has a long curriculum in the area of record editing and the production of musical events.