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Drumming GP + Burnt Friedman


Theatro Circo · Main Room


An uncalculated collaboration which, in retrospect, was inevitable; first for its common affiliation with rhythm and its multiple expressions and physiognomies; then because the city of Porto became the centre of action for all musicians involved. In a commission by the Semibreve Festival, Burnt Friedman and Drumming GP proposed to enact an intense relationship regarding the nature of groove, working it as if an intrinsic attribute of harmonic patterns, but distant from the usual cultural connotations it carries, the mission, written like a fecund guidebook, seeks to disassociate from virtuosity, from individual expression or moral posturing to erect a refined model of transcultural musical practice which demands ecstasy and acts as a  propellant for trance. You won’t need to have a deep knowledge of Friedman and Drumming’s trajectory to believe in the lucky outcome of this happy encounter.


access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room tickets