7YRS is an installation piece developed under the Master in Multimedia from UP which explores the personal body space interfered by digital technologies. The cybernetic dialogue is mediated by a sculpture with computer vision and mapped projection that creates virtual instances of people who approach it and manipulates the reflection of their images in the piece and its surroundings.

Ana Salomé Barros
Filipe dos Santos Teixeira
Hugo Edgar Mesquita
Joana Margarida Tavares
Margarida Castro Afonso

“Growing Verse” is an original installation project in which the artist pursues “sound interaction”, employing movement of people within radiating light(s).

His original music composition programmed elaborately in the system reacts to body movements -simple repetition of “move” and “stop”- to create specific pitch and sound syllable.

The work is intended to let the audience “sense” the sound generated in real time, as they move (part of) the body under lights at the right timing, in a conscious manner. Simple sound phrases become an expression of “breathing” of the body, and the audience learns how “music” is woven.

Junya Oikawa

Space, as a defining element of art, manifests the importance of context in an artistic proposal.
Here, space is presented as an intrinsic attribute of a specific place, imbricated with it's social and cultural roots and history.
Art presents a constant and timeless relationship with it's place. It is this relationship that Heidegger attributes as responsible for the creation of space.
The art object is not independent from it's place, on the contrary, it aspires to potentialise the interrelation of object, community and memory. Thus, it transforms the place into an ephemeral entity that is only revealed by the human action.
The definition of place is the central theme discussed by this artistic piece.
The challenge and objective is the construction and interpretation of the sonic identity of  Braga.

José Vasco Carvalho
André Venturoti Perrotta

nG will showcase the idea of the “Journey of a Star”, an interactive installation in which the audience will experience and perform, through visuals ( leds sculpture and projections ) and sound. The users will manipulate the audiovisual surroundings through movement and their interaction with each other.

Ever Arrieta
Filipe dos Santos Teixeira
Hugo Edgar Mesquita
Isabela Almeida
José Ricardo Barbosa
João Tiago Araujo
Matheus Scarlatti Belucio
Nerea Castro
Raquel Correia

OoaT is an interactive installation in which the subject uses movements and gestures to emerge generative visuals and sounds. It possesses a minimalist interface, being sustained by natural body movements. Moreover, it is omitted any representation of the subject in the digital dimension. The objective is to allow a dialogue aimed at the progressive discovery of the interaction based on specific semiotics.

The inherent creative process of this work is based on the modelling and algorithmic implementation of an Autonomous System. Thus, in a shared exercise between the author, the digital system, and the subject, emerge results, with aesthetic dimension not foreseen a priori, from deterministic algorithmic processes and inspired by the natural world.

Diogo Cunha & José Ismael Graça

Quintetto is a sound installation based on the study of casual movement of objects or living creatures used as input for the production of sounds. The basic concept is to reveal what we call “invisible concerts” of everyday life.
The vertical movements of the 5 shes in the aquarius is captured by a sensor that translates (through a computer software) their movements in digital sound signals.

We’ll have 5 different musical instruments creating a totally unexpected live concert.
We are so used to see that suddenly we forget to look, so used to hear that suddenly we forget to listen. 

Quiet Ensemble

Robotic motion is an interactive installation that intends to establish an emphatic connection between human and machine, through body motion. The user is invited to interact with a system that will reply to its movements using real time sound and images, creating a plastic, virtual and mechanical sonic atmosphere.

Joana Perfeito

When we find a sonic generating plant, we immediately acknowledge the entangled relations between human and nature. Plants are the only organisms that convert light into food and are the foundation of the food chain: they produce oxygen, they're the primary habitat of thousands of other organisms and they produce shades that moderate the temperature and raining patterns. The relentless exploitation of various natural resources undermines the maintenance of ecosystems, global climate and thus life on the planet. Will humanity respect and live in balance with Nature or will abuse of it to the point of no return? This work tries to explore and show, through plants, that all life forms in the planet are connected and that humans play a crucial role in maintaining the natural world and its harmony. 

Miguel Reis 

Nuno Castro