electronic music and digital art festival

  • 30 Oct - 1 Nov
  • Braga, Portugal
  • Theatro Circo / GNRation / Casa Rolão
Vessel + p.ma
Roedelius + guests
Klara Lewis
Takami Nakamoto &
Sebastien Benoits
Peder Mannerfelt
Oren Ambarchi
+ to be announced

“Semibreve continues to impress and confound, and as an immersive experience, it tickles places other festivals can only dream of reaching.”

Drowned In Sound

“Its impressive line-up is focussed on audio-visual performance and the experimental fringe of electronic music.”


“The annual celebration of electronic art and music features another spectacular line-up this year.”

The Independent

“One of the world's 26 most unreal festivals and gatherings.”

Dazed and Confused
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